On-demand Webinar

Bridging your Cyber Hygiene gap to prevent enterprise hacking

What will we cover 

Whilst organizations are distracted by Covid-19 the work of cybersecurity must continue to mitigate the rising threats of malware and ransomware. These attacks often target known vulnerabilities with available patches that could have been prevented. Hence organizations must re-focus their security best practice to level up cyber defense and ward off hacking attempts before they take shape.

Basic vulnerability scanning, and narrowly scoped pen tests may check the compliance box, however it isn’t enough to proactively spot dangerous vulnerabilities and security gaps lurking under the hood. As security budgets tighten and hacking attempts intensify, elevating your cyber hygiene is the fastest and easiest way to strengthen your security defenses and prevent ransomware.


What you'll learn

  • How basic security assessment and compliance checks are falling short during Covid-19

  • Why your cyber hygiene is failing and tips to boosting your security posture through continuous assessment and attack simulation

  • Best practice for better security planning and how to leverage risk-based insights to focus on the biggest security threats

  • Discover the hidden attack path from a hacker’s perspective and the true consequences of a data breach

  • Evaluate and improve the maturity of your cyber defense to mitigate future risks


John Stock

Network Security Product Manager

John Stock has worked for Outpost24 for 10 years as a senior security consultant, technology program director and product manager, providing both customer support as well as professional services, such as penetration testing. Prior to his role at Outpost24, he spent ten years working for one of the UK's largest utility companies, with roles as a Windows systems administrator, network engineer, and finally as a senior security engineer. Stock holds a BSc in computer systems and networks.



Hugo van den Toorn

Manager OffSec

He has over 6 years of experience in Information Security and specializes in Red Teaming, covering aspects such as: social engineering, phishing and physical penetration testing. With this technical knowledge Hugo has stepped into a (product/service) management role, allowing him to align both our technical capabilities and business demands to create tailored services we can offer our clients. Besides managing (Red teaming) engagements and providing consultancy to many global organizations, Hugo also organizes live demonstrations, hacking sessions and tailored trainings.