DevOps has become second nature for high performing enterprises and a successful recipe for online businesses. However, security is often bypassed at the expense of release leading to vulnerable applications and data breaches that do more harm than good. With speed as the driving force in agile development, security testing must be integrated in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) seamlessly with the right tools and process. Watch our bitesize DevSecOps webinar series as we share and demo the best practices and tools required to align and automate agile DevOps and public cloud deployment at speed and scale, and how they help to release faster and safer whilst keeping costs down.

What you'll learn from each webinar:

Speakers: Sean Madigan, Regional Director, UKI & Nordics Secure Code Warrior and Rebecca Sumner Product Marketing Manager Outpost24

Inefficient workflows, under skilled staff and insecure code costing you? To help companies embrace a security first culture it’s more important than ever to start left and enact a cultural shift that positively engages development teams and arms them with secure coding best practice. We will explain the training and tools required to truly empower your developers and transform them into your front-line defence against costly cyber-attacks.

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Speakers: Intesar Mohammed, Founder and CTO and Eren Cihangir, Sales Engineer Outpost24

In this webinar we will explore the ‘testing’ phase of the SDLC and how it’s important to integrate security tooling early, to help you analyze web applications for vulnerabilities at scale in a way that’s automated to ensure speed to market is upheld. Our experts will dive into how security solutions including API security testing from and our Outpost24 DAST scanner SCALE work together to search for security anomalies to catch vulnerabilities before moving into deployment.

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Speakers: Sergio Loureiro, Cloud Director Outpost24 and Nicolas Renard, Sales Engineer Outpost24

Do you feel your DevOps is at a crossroads when it comes to securing apps in pre-production and containers? Cloud apps and containerization introduce new pitfalls that existing DevOps tools and processes simply don’t address. In this webinar our Cloud security experts will demonstrate how to utilize automated cloud security checks to test your critical apps continuously to ensure fast release in and out of the clouds.

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Speakers: Simon Roe, Application Product Manager and Barry Butler, Sales Engineer Outpost24

Your work is not done once deployed. Regular upgrades and monitoring are key to ensuring application performance and security for the long run. Our application security experts will explain how to keep a tight watch on security irregularities and identifying potential exploits by combining advanced application technology with manual testing to ensure your apps are always protected, so you can improve and release with confidence.

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