Whether you’re migrating workloads to the cloud, introducing mobile devices in the workplace, supporting a remote workforce. Increasingly complex networks grow the number of publicly known vulnerabilities—increasing your risk of attack by external forces. 

At the same time, many security breaches are actually caused by people with access to internal networks, including staff, vendors, and customers. To protect intellectual property and brand reputation when you’re facing many threats from all sides, your data and asset protection must be proactive, and effective.

Our vulnerability management solution continually assess your external perimeter and internal networks — and can be deployed as a virtual appliance behind your firewall for added data protection. Agent-based scanning can be used to further extend security controls to your remote workforce by assessing remote assets for vulnerabilities post pandemic.

To save time sifting through irrelevant findings, our predictive risk based vulnerability prioritization ML model will automatically identify the biggest risks, for effective prioritization and faster decisions on remediation.

Resolve network security flaws faster:

  • Role based & centralized administration
  • Automated and continuous assessment
  • Solution-based reporting for better efficiency
  • Scalable and supports all network types
  • Scanningless scan technology
  • Data sovereignty
  • Flexible integration with open API
  • CVSS risk scoring
  • Dynamic asset grouping
  • Agent-based scanning for remote vulnerability assessment
  • Predictive risk based vulnerability prioritization algorithm  

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