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We help you verify and prove PCI DSS compliance


Centralized administration

  • Secure access to the system using your normal web browser
  • Easy to define PCI Scope
  • Online dispute management
  • Verification scanning to confirm remediation actions
  • 2-factor authentication log-in

Automated functionality:

  • Flexible scan scheduling and planning
  • Compliance reports generation for online submission
  • Immediate deployment
  • Quick, easy to use solution that streamlines PCI


  • Secure and confidential reporting
  • Quickly visualize which vulnerabilities cause compliance failure
  • Dispute findings online through the report view
  • See proposed solutions, directly, for all identified vulnerabilities

Certified Approved Scanning Vendor PCI DSS

Outpost24 is a certified Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) by the PCI Security Standards Council and offers OUTSCAN PCI, an extension of our OUTSCAN vulnerability management tool designed specifically to verify and prove PCI DSS compliance. OUTSCAN PCI examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and sorts actionable remedies, and can repeatedly scan until all criteria are met to effectively protect the integrity of cardholder data and verify compliance.

"To get your customers trust is a very difficult thing to attain. And once you have it - it is very easy to lose again! We are building secure systems that improve our customers lives and protects their privacy. This is the core of our success."
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