Your web application attack surface. Debunked.

Do you know how many external applications your business run and how vulnerable they are? Most likely not.

Web application-based attacks are still the main cause for a data breach, as threat actors continuous to seek and exploit forgotten, vulnerable web apps left on the open web. Without truly understanding your external attack surface, your pen tests and half-baked remediation efforts won't protect you.

Why? Because you can't secure what you don't know!

How to fix it: Outpost24 helps identify the true extent of your shadow IT and exposure, like a hacker would, by discovering everything you own (known and unknown) and rating your web applications against the most common attack vectors such as open ports, vulnerable components and leaked employee credentials

Get a full view of your web application attack surface today

Tried and tested by hundreds of enterprise customers, our attack surface management tool uses multiple discovery techniques and threat data from the dark web to provide the most accurate view of your application risk.


  • Identify where your web apps are and how they are exposed
  • Assess the weakness in your web app footprint against the 7 deadly attack vectors that leave your apps open to exploitation;
  • Correlate the findings with temporal (update frequency) and environmental factors (availability, confidentiality and integrity) based on business criticality;
  • Provide a complete blueprint of your web app attack surface to guide your remediation priorities and optimize protection.

Yes show me my web application attack surface!

How does the attack surface assessment work?

  1. Fill out your details.
  2. Our security consultants will be in touch to get information about the URLs and domains that you want to assess.
  3. Sit back and we'll come back with a detailed analysis of your web application attack surface within 5 working days, plus remedial recommendations for absolutely no charge.