On-demand Webinar

Protecting Cezanne HR’s cloud web application with continuous assessment

What will we cover 

The Cezanne HR SaaS application is used by over 650 organizations across the globe to simplify human resource management. But when it comes to sensitive employee data, customers demand proof of security and need to know that their data is in safe hands. In this webinar John Hixon, R&D Director at Cezanne HR, will share in-depth insights into how he leverages Outpost24's manual pen testing and DAST scanner throughout the SDLC to uncover hidden software vulnerabilities and protect their customer data. We discuss the importance of data protection in HR, and how a hybrid continuous assessment approach has helped secure their business critical apps and maintain ISO certification standards at scale.


What you'll learn

  • Importance of continuous application security testing for critical HR apps and SaaS software
  • Building a robust application security strategy with Outpost24 and demonstrating compliance
  • Creating security awareness from within and instilling a culture of security amongst DevOps
  • Simplifying application security testing across the SDLC to meet the needs of customers and release cadence
  • Ongoing security posture management and risk mitigation for the HR sector

John Hixon

R&D Director Cezanne HR

John has over 15+ years’ experience as an R&D Director and leader at Cezanne HR, his experience varies across both technical and consultancy. John is responsible for the Cezanne HR SaaS application covering everything from the product roadmap, development, hosting, internal infrastructure and vendor management. During John’s 15+ years in post he has overseen the successful integration of the Outpost24 SWAT solution to manage vulnerabilities and continuously support business growth for Cezanne HR into new markets.