#StandByYou during Covid-19

Every organization is facing their own unique challenges to maintain business operations and secure their remote workforce. And you don't have to do it alone

Outpost24 is committed to helping and supporting your business 

Due to the current pandemic many organizations are taking drastic measures to adapt their business operations to new ways of working. Unfortunately hackers are quick to exploit the digital gold rush as businesses and users are moving online at an unprecedented rate. It's easy to let your guard down when resources are tight and other priorities take over. At Outpost24 we are committed to helping you: 
  • maintain and uphold cyber hygiene when you are most vulnerable
  • increase remediation efficiency by focusing on vulnerabilities that are being exploited or soon will be 
  • improve your security posture without increasing overheads
Talk to us and see if your organization is eligible for our offers, and how you can benefit from our full stack security assessment solutions during this critical time.

What we are doing:

web app pen test

Pen test at no charge for Covid-19 web apps

We applaud the effort of Covid-19 apps to keep society moving. We are pleased to offer a pen test at no charge to any web applications designed to reduce infection, save lives or support social distancing measures.

scan configuration

Managed services short term assistance

This flexible assistance package provides the manpower and advanced vulnerability prioritisation tools to help our customers reduce time to remediation so they can focus on highest priorities. Existing customers only.

security assessment bundles

Discounted security testing bundles

We understand the pressure your business is under to maintain operations. Take advantage of our security testing bundles at a reduced rate to tighten your cyber defence without adding financial strain.

security assessment for public sector

Cloud assessment for public sector

Frontline industries are being stretched to breaking point. They need help and we're proud to offer a complimentary cloud security assessment to ensure they don't fall prey to hackers that can cripple their critical services. 

dynamic application scanner

Open access to dynamic application scanner

Your web application is critical to your business. That's why we are giving our customers open access to our DAST solution for 60 days to keep their business moving securely. Existing customers only.

outpost24 employees

Outpost24 will #StandByYou 

We've put together a range of blogs and useful resources to help you navigate the security challenges during Covid-19. Watch our webinar on building cyber readiness post pandemic