On-demand Webinar

Covid-19: Driving application security resilience in times of crisis

What will we cover 

In the face of the pandemic, not everyone is a loser as the virus changes how we work, and businesses operate. As social distancing takes hold leading to school closures and company lock-down. Application providers for distance learning, healthcare, teleconferencing, ecommerce, online gaming and entertainment are seeing a surge in usage and boost in revenue. The good news is your business is booming, the bad news is your application may well be the next target amid the hacking mayhem.


What you'll learn

  • The cautionary tale of Zoom’s privacy breach and why your application isn’t safe from hackers
  • Importance of application security testing for your critical apps during Covid19
  • The true cost of pen testing and how to get the most from your pandemic budget squeeze
  • Why automation is your friend and implementing continuous assessment
  • Next generation application security techniques beyond the outbreak

Simon Roe

Application Security Product Manager

Simon is a 20+ year veteran of the IT and IT Security industry,  Having started his career as a developer before ‘Agile’ was even a concept, he then moved into an operational security role for a global manufacturing company before holding a number of technical presales and evangelist roles for a number of network and hardware security vendors.   Now as a senior product manager for Outpost24, Simon brings uses his knowledge and experience to ensure customers are given the tools and solutions needed to run successful DevSecOps programmes.