On-demand Webinar

Red Teaming Assessment: improve your organization’s security, one hack at a time

What will we cover

Security assessments can be performed in many ways, depending on your organization’s maturity level and goals. Whilst vulnerability scanning can help to identify security flaws on a broader scope and penetration testing can conclude the risk level of vulnerabilities discovered, if you need to understand the full picture of your organization’s security awareness and readiness, a scenario-based Red Teaming Assessment (RTA) is the best way to assess the effectiveness of your defence mechanism from a hacker’s view.

What you'll learn

  • Pen Testing vs Red Teaming: key difference and use case
  • Understand the human, physical and cyber elements in a Red Teaming exercise
  • Define the scope and crown-jewels for an attack simulation
  • The hacker’s toolkit: From network exploitation and web application hacking to social engineering
  • Cyber attack lifecycle: a journey into the adversary’s mind, plus real life experience straight from our hacker’s mouth
  • Moment of truth: how to face up your weakness and improve your security (or Blue Team) readiness 

Hugo van den Toorn

Product Manager OffSec

He has over 6 years of experience in Information Security and specializes in Red Teaming, covering aspects such as: social engineering, phishing and physical penetration testing. With this technical knowledge Hugo has stepped into a (product/service) management role, allowing him to align both our technical capabilities and business demands to create tailored services we can offer our clients. Besides managing (Red teaming) engagements and providing consultancy to many global organizations, Hugo also organizes live demonstrations, hacking sessions and tailored trainings.