On-demand Webinar

Risk based vulnerability management: What's in a risk score?

What will we cover 

In this webinar we’ll provide expert insights into the limitation of CVSS and what goes into a vulnerability risk score, including vendor by vendor and what we look at to determine the risk of a vulnerability to help security managers prioritize and make better informed decisions for remediation. We will identify the benefits of a risk-based approach, highlighting how this can make vulnerabilities more manageable and streamlining remediation through automation and orchestration.

What you'll learn

  • What’s in a risk score and breaking this down for a more complete risk-based view
  • How to utilize predictive risk-based data in vulnerability management
  • Implementing compensating controls in place of remediation if patching isn’t practical
  • Vulnerability risk prioritization and triage process based on risk appetite
  • Greater tracking and reporting on business criticality for management



Simon Roe

Application Security Product Manager

Simon is a 20+ year veteran of the IT and IT Security industry,  Having started his career as a developer before ‘Agile’ was even a concept, he then moved into an operational security role for a global manufacturing company before holding a number of technical presales and evangelist roles for a number of network and hardware security vendors.   Now as a senior product manager for Outpost24, Simon brings uses his knowledge and experience to ensure customers are given the tools and solutions needed to run successful DevSecOps programmes.