On-demand Webinar

To agent, or not to agent and how to get it right

What will we cover 

With the development of technology, comes new approaches to mitigating cyber security threats. Sometimes a new approach fixes the problem whilst sometimes creating new ones and the age-old agent vs agentless debate. Agent based scanning is a new approach being spoken about within the industry and in this webinar we will explain why it’s the new ‘norm’ as we move away from traditional scanner based vulnerability assessment and data collection. We will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each approach when determining the risk of different assets and analysing vulnerabilities on your network

What you'll learn

  • Two stage scanning approach and how it fits with agents
  • Pros and cons of replacing traditional scanners with agents
  • Ins and outs of agent-based data collection
  • How to create a greater risk view by combining network-based scanning with agents





John Stock

Network Security Product Manager

John Stock has worked for Outpost24 for 10 years as a senior security consultant, technology program director and product manager, providing both customer support as well as professional services, such as penetration testing. Prior to his role at Outpost24, he spent ten years working for one of the UK's largest utility companies, with roles as a Windows systems administrator, network engineer, and finally as a senior security engineer. Stock holds a BSc in computer systems and networks.