On-demand webinar

Why security perfection is the enemy of DevSecOps

What will we cover

The chase for security perfection is not uncommon. The idea of ‘shift left’ - locating defects from the beginning of SDLC and rectifying them early is a well-founded approach. But in a competitive business landscape, companies must balance the tradeoff between speed and quality to keep their business moving. Join our application security webinar and learn how to implement an agile DevSecOps to carry out the necessary security checks without compromising on time-to-market.

What you'll learn

  • Why zero vulnerability is the enemy of good in the world of DevSecOps
  • How to avoid ‘release paralysis’ and find your focus with a risk-based approach
  • Understanding when good is good enough without wasting valuable time and resources
  • Implementing continuous security assessment with the right tools and process to stay agile




Simon Roe

Application Security Product Manager

Simon is a 20+ year veteran of the IT and IT Security industry,  Having started his career as a developer before ‘Agile’ was even a concept, he then moved into an operational security role for a global manufacturing company before holding a number of technical presales and evangelist roles for a number of network and hardware security vendors. Now as a senior product manager for Outpost24, Simon brings uses his knowledge and experience to ensure customers are given the tools and solutions needed to run successful DevSecOps programmes.