Infosecurity Europe 2019 Survey

64% of organizations admit customers could be easily breached due to vulnerabilities

Are you prioritizing time to market over risk exposure?

At InfoSecurity Europe 2019 we surveyed 300 security leaders to gather valuable insight into how organizations are managing their application security and cloud infrastructure. It appears companies are facing increasing pressure to release applications faster to meet demands set by clients and boards, which is having a negative impact on their overall ability to make time for essential security testing. This means they’re in danger of putting their customers at risk of attack as a result of unchecked software vulnerabilities.

Survey findings:

  • 34% of organizations admit to bypassing security to get products out to market faster
  • 39% of organizations don’t introduce security testing from the beginning of the software development lifecycle
  • 37% of organizations had experienced attacks that could compromise their data and applications in the cloud

Are you aware of any times when your cloud systems (data, applications) have been attacked or compromised_